Dovid Katz

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Interviewer and editor for the YouTube video playlists:

Litvak Yiddish and Lore

First Days of the Lithuanian Holocaust

First Days of the Latvian Holocaust


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“The Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish: On the Status of Maps in Linguistic Research”  by Giedrė Beconytė and Dovid Katz in Geodesy and Cartography, 37(3), 2011: 119-124.


“Detonation of the Holocaust in 1941: A Tale of Two Books” [review of Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands and Alexander PrusinThe Lands Between] by Dovid Katz in Journal of East European Jewish Affairs, vol. 41, no. 3, December 2011, pp. 207-221.


“The Language of Litvak Gravestones: A Cultural Dictionary” (A Work in Progress).


“Popular Daily has Full Front-Page Spread on ‘The Jews’”  in, 22 December 2011.


“Lithuanian Ministry of Defense Honors ‘Lithuanian Activist Front’ (LAF) Nazi Collaborators”  in, 19 December 2011.


“Mainstream Lithuanian News Portal,, Again Publishes Antisemitic ‘Ethnographic History’” in, 19 December 2011.


“‘Double Genocide’ Permeates Local Antisemitic Discourse in Report on Efraim Zuroff’s Operation Last Chance II in Berlin” in, 16 December 2011.


“Old Stones Speak to Young Pupils: Jewish Gravestones in a Vilnius School Yard. Photos by Richard Schofield”  in, 12 December 2011.


“Manipulation?”  [Letter to the Editor] in the Jerusalem Post, 28 November 2011.


“Hannah Rosenthal does it again” in the Algemeiner Journal, 25 November 2011.


“Open debate, open society, and secret societies” on, 9 November 2011.


“UNESCO vote reveals Lithuanian duplicity” in the Jerusalem Post, 3 November 2011.


“Understanding ‘Double Genocide’: a lethal new threat to Holocaust memory and honesty” in  Centre News [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, Australia], October 2011 [date on print edition: September 2011].


“Seven solutions for rapid and constructive transformation of Lithuanian-Jewish relations”  on, October 2011.


“Hungarian National Day Celebration in Vilnius Celebrates Lithuanian ‘Forest Brother’; Two Local Fascists Invited”  on, 24 October 2011.


“Head of History Institute, speaking at ‘Bloodlands’ event at the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, excoriates Holocaust survivors who joined the anti-Nazi partisans” on, 30 September 2011.


“Lithuanian foreign minister inserts red-brown discourse into Austrian extradition case” on,  28 September 2011.


“Lithuanian foreign ministry’s two versions: for a Jewish audience (not for publication) and for ‘General’ (proudly on website” on, 28 September 2011.


“Lithuanian foreign ministry gloats, as Yivo’s position continues to confuse” on, 23 September 2011.


“Yad Vashem withdraws invitation to Lithuanian minister over campaign against Joe Melamed; British parliamentarians move an ‘early day motion’; Melamed speaks eloquently at Yad Vashem, blasts efforts to glorify Holocaust perpetrators as ‘heroes’” on, 22 September 2011.


“Yivo director sends new circular to staff, refining Lithuanian government talking points; claims support of Veidlinger and Zipperstein for (inaccurate) public statement” on, 13 September 2011.


“Director of Yivo sends circular to staff, taking on the role of Manhattan office of Lithuanian government’s PR department; calls Holocaust survivors ‘helpless’ and ‘ageing’” on, 9 September 2011.


“Holocaust survivors from Lithuania protest Yivo’s decision to honor the foreign minister of Lithuania at Vilna Ghetto Commemoration”  on, 6 September 2011.


“Lithuanian authorities initiated prosecution against another Holocaust survivor”  on, 30 August 2011.


“Et tu, Yivo? Holocaust survivors jolted by plan for Lithuanian foreign minister to be ‘guest of honor’ at Vilna Ghetto commemoration” on, 28 August 2011.


“A scholar’s apt warning on ultranationalist abuse of history and historians” on, 28 August 2011.


“Mainstream Sajudis organization joins call for increased commemoration of local 1941 Holocaust perpetrators” on, 27 August 2011.


“Far right organization, led by Genocide Center’s ‘specialist’, publishes a list of enemies including advisor to the Lithuanian Jewish community” on, 29 July 2011.


“A Speech Never Spoken at Plungyán (Plungė)” on, 20 July 2011.


“The Denial that is Part of Holocaust Obfuscation: Second Day of the Lithuanian Parliament’s Conference” on, 30 June 2011.


“In Delirium of Obfuscation: First Day of the Lithuanian Parliament’s Conference on the 70th Anniversary of Hitler’s Attack on the USSR”  on, 29 June 2011.


“Three Years Later: Neither Charged nor Cleared”  on, 5 May 2011.


“This Year’s Yom Hashoah is Different” in Winnipeg Jewish Review.


Amy Shannon Liedy’s summary of Dovid Katz’s Kennan Institute (Woodrow Wilson Center) lecture in Washington DC, posted 25 April 2011.


“Freedom of Speech is Not ‘Pick and Choose’: On The Paleckis Trial in Vilnius” on, 14 April 2011.


“Has the Forward Association abandoned Elementary Ethics?” on, 3 April 2011.


“Right of Reply: Condemnation of Communism Does Not Require Submission to Double Genocide, Holocaust Obfuscation, or the Recent Deterioration in Civil Society and Free Speech in Lithuania” in Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, 7 March 2011.


“Lithuanian Jews, Holocaust Survivors, Specialists who Disagree with Lithuanian Government ― Shut Out of London Conference” on, 1 February 2011.


“When a ‘Human Rights Association’ Accepts and Repeats the Antisemitic Canards in Town” on,  3 January 2011.