Dovid Katz

Publications in 2012



The City in the Moonlight. Stories of the Old-time Lithuanian Jews. By Dovid Katz. Translated by Barnett Zumoff. Ktav Publishing: Jersey City 2012, 138 pp.

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Ostjűdische Geschichten aus dem alten Litauen. Von Dovid Katz. Übersetzung von Melitta Depner. Salon Literaturverlag: Munich 2012, 329 pp.

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Litvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish. A Work in Progress.


The Language of Litvak Gravestones: A Cultural Dictionary. A Work in Progress.


“Wird Deutschland jetzt der selbsternannte Vorkämpfer der Holocaust-Verschleierung?” in Clemens Heni and Thomas Weidauer (eds.), Ein Super-GAUck. Politische Kultur im neuen Deutschland, Edition Critic: Berlin 2012, pp.101-105.


Review of Adam Michnik, In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe, in East European Jewish Affairs, 42.2, pp. 187-191.


“You Cannot Praise Fascists and be Pro Human Rights” in the London Jewish News, 13 December 2012. Reprint in The Algemeiner.


“Prank Email that Tries to Derail Litvak Community is Exposed: But is Chanukah Supposed to be April Fools?” in Defending History, 11 December 2012.


“An Open Letter to Ed Hirsch” in Defending History, 6 December 2012.


Translator [from Hebrew] and editor, Yitzhak Arad, “The Holocaust in Lithuania, and its Obfuscation, in Lithuanian Sources” in Defending History,1 December 2012.


“Efraim Zuroff, History’s Lonely Defender” in The Times of Israel, 15 November 2012.


“Kristallnacht Becomes PR Hook for Double Genociders at Berlin Events of the ‘Prague Process Platform’” in Defending History, 9 November 2012. 


“Jewish Center in Ukraine Apparently Duped into Honoring a Nazi Collaborationist Organization” in Defending History, 1 November 2012.


“Canadian Prime Minister Praises Holocaust-Distorting Museum in Ukraine” in Defending History, 22 October 2012.


“Tel Aviv’s Leivick House Releases 2009 Video of Ambassador Chen Ivri Apter” in Defending History, 21 October 2012.


“Lithuanian President’s Decree on ‘Red-Brown Commission’ is Re-issued with ‘New Sentence’” in Defending History, 17 October 2012.


“Israel Chronicle” [of Lithuanian-related Holocaust issues] in, 7 October 2012.


“Samples of the Work of a Holocaust-Twisting, Antisemitic, Homophobic Envelope Maker” in, 6 October 2012.


“Yad Vashem Sinking Deeper in Lithuanian ‘Commission’ Morass with Political Campaign for Compensation from Russia”  in, 26 September 2012.


“Holocaust Commemoration Vilnius Style, with an Israeli Twist: Menachem Begin and the Jail House Rock”  in, 24 September 2012.


“June 2009 Correspondence with Yad Vashem” in, 3 September 2012.


“Yad Vashem Shocks Holocaust Survivors by Rejoining Lithuanian Government’s ‘Red-Brown Commission’” in, 28 August 2012.


“Executive Director of ‘Red-Brown Commission’ Doubts Lithuanian Jews were Killed ‘on a racial basis’  before Arrival of German Forces in 1941” in, 16 August 2012.


“Shoah Denial is being Replaced by an Illusive and Delusive Evil”  in London Jewish News, 3 August 2012.


Yiddish translation of the Seventy Years Declaration in [posted 3 August 2012].;


“Lithuanian Foreign Minister Includes ‘Historical Memory Policy’ (= Double Genocide) among Nation’s Prime Goals” in, 2 August 2012. Republished in Operation Last Chance.;


“Pursuing Perpetrators, Preserving History, and Educating the Next Generation: A Review of Efraim Zuroff’s Operation Last Chance” in Prism (Yeshiva University), vol. 4 (Spring 2012), pp.136-138.


“Respectable Memoir, Some Shrewd Manipulation by an East European Government ― or Both?”  [review of Ellen Cassedy’s We are Here] in the Algemeiner Journal, 18 July 2012.


“Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Planning to (Ab)use EU Presidency to Push Red-Brown Politics” in, 17 July 2012.


“Landsbergis. Then and Now.” in, 16 July 2012.


“Trilingual Memorial Plaque Unveiled on Zhager Town Square”  in, 13 July 2012.


“Reply to the Economist on Lithuania’s Recent Reburial of the 194 Nazi Puppet “Prime Minister”  in, 15 June 2012. Also posted in Comments to the Economist online article by E[dward] L[ucas].;


“Congratulating Algimantas Kasparavičius who Gets it Right: Trying to Manage History is a Big-Time Loser for Mature Foreign Policy” in, 30 May 2012.


“VMU in Kaunas Sinking Further into Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis Morass, as Historians Join Glorifiers for Yet Another Event” in, 23 May 2012.


“An Open Letter to Yale History Professor Timothy Snyder” in Algemeiner Journal, 21 May 2012 [in print edition: 25 May, pp. 2, 4,5].


“Lithuanian Newspaper Accuses Kaunas Rector of Misleading Parliament about Whether He Knew in Advance of VMU’s Planned Conference To Honor Wartime Nazi Puppet Prime Minister” in, 21 May 2012.


“Tim Snyder, in Vilnius, Comments Publicly on the Reburial and Glorification of 1941 Nazi Puppet Prime Minister” in, 19 May 2012.


“Lithuania’s Prime Minister and Culture Minister Personally Signed off on €8,700 (US $11,000) Expenditure to Honor Wartime Fascist Leader” in, 18 May 2012.


 “Want to Honor the Head of the 1941 Nazi Puppet Government? Website Claims Seimas Will Provide Free Transportation” in, 17 May 2012.


“Parliament’s Public Relations Department Posts Revised Schedule of Events to Honor Nazi Collaborator ‘Prime Minister’ Juozas Ambrazevičius (Brazaitis)” in, 16 May 2012.


“BNS Report Follows Dramatic Donskis Statement; Says Event does not have VMU ‘Sanction’” in, 15 May 2012.



“MEP Donskis Condemns Events to Honor Holocaust Collaborator Ambrazevičius” in, 15 May 2012.


“Archbishop Adds his Blessing to the Nazi Collaborator being Reburied with Full Honors” in, 11 May 2012.


“Day of Shame (May 19th) Can Still be Averted at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas” in, 11 May 2012.


“‘Prime Minister’ of Lithuania’s 1941 Nazi Puppet Government to be Glorified, Re-interred and Subject of a Commemorative Conference at Vytautas Magnus University” in, 3 May 2012.


“‘Moderate Litvak’ Status is Conferred by his Highness, the Norwegian Property Magnate cum Editor-in-Chief of Vilnius” in, 1 May 2012.


“Rabinowitz-Dorf PR Campaign for Lithuanian Embassy and ‘Fake Litvaks’ Backfires Bigtime” in, 30 April 2012.


“Neo-Nazi Youth Organization is Admitted into National “Lithuanian Council of Youth Organizations” (a recipient of European Union “Structural Funds”) in, 30 April 2012.


“Baltic ‘Double Genocide’ Discourse Slips into Naive American Jewish Articles on Lithuania” in, 24 April 2012.


“Lithuanian Government Calls for ‘ Bigger Investments from Litvaks’ as South Africa’s Glasenberg is Targeted’ in, 20 April 2012.


“Jesus in Yiddish” (Last Words column) in Jewish Renaissance (London), 7, 3 April 2012, p. 52.


“Lithuania’s Embassy in Washington Recruiting ‘Useful Academics’ for Discredited ‘Red-Brown’ Commission” in, 24 March 2012.


“1500 Honor the Waffen SS at Riga’s Liberty Monument; Event is Praised by Latvia’s President, Condemned by Council of Europe’s Commission on Racism” in, 16 March 2012.


European Commission website: “Martin Schulz, EP President, meeting with Dovid Katz ― Handing over the [70 Years] Declaration on the Final Solution of the Wannsee Conference”, 14 March 2012.


“Over 1000 neo-Nazis Fill Main Vilnius Boulevard on Lithuanian Independence Day” in, 11 March 2012.


“March 11th: A Grand Opportunity for the Lithuanian Human Rights Community ― and the People of Vilnius” in, 4 March 2012.


“Zingeris Statement on Planned Match 11th neo-Nazi march fails to mention ― the neo-Nazi March” in, 28 February 2012.


“Council of Europe’s Commission Against Racism and Intolerance Condemns Latvia’s Waffen SS Parades and Celebration of Hitler’s 1941 Invasion” in, 21 February 2012.


“300 Neo-Nazis March through the Center of Kaunas on Lithuanian Independence Day; They are Addressed by Members of Parliament” in, 16 February 2011.


“Holocaust Survivors to Demonstrate outside Tel Aviv “Sellout Gala” Slated for March 5th” in, 14 February 2012.


“The Hidden Monument of Vilnius” in, 12 February 2012.


“The Seventy Years Declaration and the Simple Truth” in Algemeiner Journal, 3 February 2012.


“A Fight over History’s Tragic Truth” in the Jewish Chronicle, 2 [3] February 2012.; PDF at:


“The Seventy Years Declaration” [coauthored with Danny Ben-Moshe] in, 20 January 2012.; media coverage at:


“Free Speech Reaffirmed by Vilnius Judge in Algirdas Paleckis Case” in, 18 January 2012.


“Mainstream Daily ‘Lietuvos rytas’: A New High-End Home for Antisemitism in Lithuania?” in, 16 January 2012.


“A Reconstructed Shtetl ― Minus its Jewish Component” in, 2 January 2012.