Dovid Katz

Publications in 2013


Editor (and author of most unsigned items),

Interviewer and editor for the YouTube video playlists:Litvak Yiddish and Lore. First Days of the Lithuanian Holocaust, First Days of the Latvian Holocaust and others at Dovid Katz listings.

“Yiddish Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna”.

“On Methodology in Historical Yiddish Linguistics” (in Yiddish) in Defending History, 2013.


“Reconstructing the Sound Pattern of Nineteenth Century Ashkenazic Hebrew Poetry in Vilna” [in Yiddish] in Keepsakes of Old Jewish Vilna, no. 22, 2013.


“Lithuania’s Holocaust Debate” (letter to the editor), International New York Times, 20 November 2013.


“Genocide Center Releases a New Graywash on the Vilna Ghetto” (review of A. Bubnys, Vilnius Ghetto 1941 – 1943, Vilnius 2013) in Defending History, 19 November 2013.


“Three Baltic Governments Sponsor “Round Table” at London U on 5 November: Will Nazi Collaborators be Glorified? in Defending History, 23 October 2013.


“Mendel Beilis and the New East European Antisemitism: a 21st Century Incarnation of ‘Treacherous Jew Syndrome” (power point presentation at Mendel Beilis centenary conference in Kiev, Ukraine, 15 October 2013).


“Where Nazi Collaborators and Criminals are Honoured by EU and NATO States” in Hope not Hate, July-August 2013: 40-41.


“Who’s Afraid of Defending History Dot Com?” in Defending History, 8 August 2013.


“Mystery of the Eight-Pointed Western Litvak (Zámeter) Symbol on Jewish Gravestones” in Defending History, 7 August 2013.


“Open Letter to Evaldas Gustas, new Minister for the Economy in Lithuania” in Defending History, 2 August 2013.


“EHU Center for German Studies’ ‘Colloquium Vilnense 2013’ is Short on ‘The Second Opinion’ when it comes to the Holocaust” in Defending History, 19 July 2013.


“Would a ‘Jewish Museum’ in Vilnius Graywash the Lithuanian Holocaust?” in Defending History, 7 July 2013.


[review of M. J. Chodakiewicz, Intermarium: The Land Between the Black and Baltic Seas] in Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 7.2 [Spring 2013]: 169-175. 


“State-Sponsored Collective Memory Revisionism: A 21st Century Incarnation of Holocaust Denial?” PDF presentation at the Second International Conference on Holocaust Museums and Memorial Places in Post-Communist Countries (Riga, Latvia).


“The Fate of a Vilna Jewish Cemetery” in The Times of Israel, 22 May 2013 [Reprinted with commentary in Jewish Heritage Europe].


“Upside-Down World? Neo-Nazi March Assisted by Police on Central Boulevard, while Authorities try to Banish Baltic Pride Across the River” in Defending History, 28 March 2013.


“Background Reading on the Shift in US Foreign Policy on Holocaust Denial from c. 2009” in Defending History, 1 March 2013.


“Purim in Lithuania? A Season for State-Approved Neo-Nazi City-Center Marches” in, 25 February 2013.


“Tolerance Education? State-Sponsored Commission Uses its Website to Call Holocaust Survivor a “Liar” and to Demand ‘Apology from Jewish Community’” in Defending History, 21 February 2013.


“Hundreds of Neo-Nazis March Through the Center of Kaunas on Independence Day” in Defending History, 16 February 2013.


“US Researcher is Persuaded that the Problem in Lithuania is called ‘Zuroff and Katz’” in Defending History, 27 January 2013.